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Chief Talent Officer Exchange Solution Provider Pack

Interested in learning more about Sponsorship Opportunities for the Chief Talent Officer Exchange?

Get an introduction to our Exchange model, see some of the options we offer, and learn why this is a wise investment all in one place: the 2018 Sponsorship Prospectus. 

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How Can I Participate as a Solution Provider?

Keynote Panel Moderator

Keynote Panel Moderator: Sponsor will engage the audience through thoughtful questions and challenging opinions as the moderator of a panel session. This positions the Sponsor to have the ear of top practitioner leaders, voicing their concerns and ideas, as well as present their organization as a thought leader on stage in front of the full audience.

Keynote Panel Discussion: A 45 minute open and engaging panel discussion alongside other key industry leaders addressing the full audience of attendees. Panel will be moderated by event chairperson or requested end-user attendee.

Plenary Session

Plenary Session: A 30 minute platform presentation to the entire event audience (delegates, speakers and other solution providers). This speaking opportunity can be a client case study and or conducted as a panel with a client and/or participants of your choosing. This is the grandest speaking platform at the event and helps leverage the networking, private meetings and interactions you’ll have with the attending executives.

Master Class Speaking Session

Master Class Speaking Session: Sponsor will lead a 45 minute session consisting of half the delegates from the Exchange. This session is positioned to present the sponsor as a “master” in the topic, and delegates will be attending for the opportunity to hear thought leadership on strategies, tactics, or case studies.

BrainWeave Speaking Session

BrainWeave Speaking Session: Sponsor will lead an interactive, 45 minute session to a select group of delegates (up to 15) from the Exchange in a private conference room. Designed around a topic, which lends itself to the current challenges our delegates are facing and the services the sponsor offers.

Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase — Roundtable Speaking Session: A 60 minute showcase presentation alongside other key industry leaders. The session will open with the sponsor giving a short introduction of the session topic to the audience. The delegates then choose the topic area of most relevance and partake based on need.

One-on-One Business Meetings

One-on-One Business Meetings: When you register for the Chief Talent Officer Exchange as a sponsor, you will be asked to identify the clients that you would like to meet, so we can match your company with the executives who will fit your business goals.

Prior to the exchange, you will be able to assess the attendees and select the ones who match your initiatives and priorities. These private thirty minute one-on-one meetings give you the opportunity to offer objective, flexible, and relevant strategies for continued success.

One-on-One Business Meetings

The Ignite Challenge: 5 Quick Fire Presentations in 25 Minutes. Each sponsor gets a total of 5 minutes to get through 15 slides with 20 seconds allotted for each slide. Talk about getting to the crux of the matter, fast. Each presentation focuses on a specific challenge facing leaders. The challenges are submitted ahead of time by practitioners attending the Exchange. Sponsoring companies may choose their challenge based on the list of submitted topics.

For further details of available sponsorship opportunities, please email: spexchange@iqpc.com 

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