March 18 - 20, 2018 | Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive, Orlando, FL

Sebastien Girard

Chief Workforce Planning
Parkland Health and Hospital System

Sebastien Girard joined Parkland Health and Hospital System in December 2015 with nearly 20 years of experience as an industry-recognized employment market professional. Sebastien leads his team to success and helps them navigate through a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to: operational challenges, rapid growth, emerging market needs, economic downturns and large acquisitions and restructuring efforts. 

Mr. Girard previously served as Senior Vice President at Randstad USA, where he oversaw North East U.S. operations. Sebastien has a diverse background across P&L/operations management, people leadership, sales force management and defining and implementing talent acquisition models across industries (healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverage, finance and accounting, aerospace and more).

Prior to his work at Randstad USA, Sebastien served at Randstad Canada from 2001 to 2010 serving as Executive Vic President in 2009 and 2010. In his tenure, Sebastien spearheaded double digit organic growth year-over-year for seven straight years while maintaining a Canadian Top 50 Best Places to Work status (rank: 12) and Canadian Top 50 Best Places to Work for Women (rank: 5).

Sebastien holds a Master of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

8:15 AM Data Analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning: Employing Market Trends and Technologies to Solidify Talent Management Operations

The pace of change in 21st century organizations poses significant challenges to Talent Leaders who strive to manage a forward-thinking Talent Management Operation. Some of the biggest hurdles include the hyper-competition for talent, new roles that continue to emerge as technology evolves, a shift in the passive job seekers market, an exponential need to focus on employee experience and the lack of reliable labor data.

The capacity of an organization to translate potential future trends into current actions is not only crucial for superior Talent Management departments but also to survive the increasingly complex war for talent.

This session will showcase successful solutions for talent mapping that will help Chief Talent Officers with:
•    Tapping into industry data and labor market trends to anticipate new skills and prepare employees for the future
•    A successful roadmap in implementing Strategic Workforce Planning in your Talent Management Operation
•    Raising Talent Management's profile inside the enterprise by enabling Talent Leaders to play a strategic role

11:00 AM Join our Keynote Speakers as They Take Questions from the Audience on their Presentation Topic

Fernando Sanchez-Arias, Chief People Officer – The Home Depot Global Custom Commerce
Reimagining Talent Management to Drive Business Performance and Evolve the Enterprise: An Agile Workforce

Anne Monahan, Chief Talent Officer – BAE Systems
Revamping your HIPO Programs: Pitfalls to Avoid and Essentials of Success

Sebastien Girard, Chief Workforce Officer – Parkland Health & Hospital System
Data Analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning: Understanding Upcoming Disrupters and Technologies to Solidify Talent Management Operations

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sebastien.

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