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NEW! Talent Management Exchange Post-Event Report

The Talent Management Exchange post-event report contains attendee profiles (including revenue and budget), top areas of investment, attending organizations and more!

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Talent Management Exchange - July 2016 Post Event Report

Inside this report, you will find an overview of some of the incredible speakers, sessions, and insights that made the Exchange an enjoyable and necessary event for talent management leaders.


2017 Talent Management Priorities

These results came from responses to a survey given to 35 senior-level (director and above) talent management executives. Answers above represent areas in which respondents intend to invest an average of $5.6 million in within the next 12 months.


HR 2020: The Coming Evolution of the Organization: An Interview with Lisa Dallenbach, Chief Talent Officer of Mindshare

2020 is only four years a way. Given the rates of advancement and disruption taking place across the industries, it is incredibly likely that the face of the organization will look drastically different. Talent Management Exchange speaker and Chief Talent Officer of Mindshare, Lisa Dallenbach, gives her take on the future of HR and the organization as a whole. This interview focuses on what will change, what will remain and what will shape the workplace of tomorrow.

Change to Engage: An Interview with Rohit Singh, Director of Talent Management, MassMutual

Employee engagement is a major priority of today’s HR leaders. With workforces being comprised of multiple generations and ever-evolving technologies, pinpointing motivating factors is proving to be difficult. In this thought-provoking interview, Talent Management Exchange speaker, Rohit Singh talks with IQPC Exchange’s Kristen Schipfer-Barrett about motivating multigenerational employees; engagement in 2020; career path evolution; and the rise of organizational flexibility and transparency.

The Diversity and Inclusion Program Problem

It seems that every human resources department across the nation is abuzz with a need to include diversity and inclusion programs into hiring practices. Are there problems with these programs and are these programs really beneficial to the companies that implement them? Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development at Newegg, discusses these programs with IQPC Exchange’s Kristen Schipfer-Barrett and weighs in on the challenges of these programs from both a legal and organizational perspective. He also discusses viable solutions, the benefits of diversity and inclusion, and his 2016-2017 priorities.

A Q&A with Phyllis Gebhardt, SVP Global Human Resources and Communications, Reader's Digest

Phyllis Gebhardt, SVP Global Human Resources and Communications, Reader's Digest gives her thoughts about empowering women and their ability to be C-suite rock stars.


Women in the C-Suite

This editorial article takes a look into why many corporations’ highest offices still resemble the 1950s and what needs to be done to change it.